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Gubben Og Katten I Hagen Free Download wasyard




The publication is in the form of a board game and it was created by the company Gammafon and published in 1998. The game is about two hungry rabbits Gubben og Katten who get in a fight in a field and the one who survives wins the first prize of bread. Both rabbits have different skills, for example Katten has the ability to run faster than Gubben, but Gubben has more courage. The board game is created as a mental exercise, especially for kids and it was created to imitate a typical Norwegian childhood game of "Gubben og Katten". The game consists of two parts: the game board and the twelve cards. The board is made from thick cardboard, the thickness of three decks of cards, and it has dimensions of 7x6 cm. Both sides of the board are printed with Norwegian text, and on the board there are also eleven holes to put the cards. According to the book "The art of storytelling: A book for children" by Marte Jensen (2004) the story Gubben og Katten is based on the fairy tale of the same name by Hans Christian Andersen. The board game was made by creating a model of the game on a 3D printing service. Description The board is divided into five areas. In each area there is a cardboard block with characters and an activity. Each activity in a section takes one to three turns and the winner is the rabbit who is the first to move to the following section. At the beginning of the game, the blocks are put on the board randomly and at each turn a player must decide on where to place his rabbit. There are two characters in the game: Gubben og Katten who are hungry for food, the Norwegian word Gubben is a rabbit and Katten is a cat. The pairs of items in the game are: grass, brick, tractor, sheep, hen, goose, cow, bee, apple, milk and bread. To play the game, the player's rabbit has to move to a different activity. After the movement, he gets an opportunity to put the items in the area where his rabbit should go. If he does not get there, he loses the turn and his rabbit has to move back. The player's actions are limited by the items that he places and he has to move a certain amount of items before he can put the next. Actions There



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Gubben Og Katten I Hagen Free Download wasyard

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