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Am I insane?

Maybe. The likely-hood of actually making a profit selling leather part time is pretty slim. More likely the costs of keeping the accountant paid and website up will lose money.

My choice was stop supplying leather, or form a business to stay legal.

So here you go, I present to you... Lederspiel!

Here is the mythical prize you've all been searching for; Cheap leather!

I like to have cheap leather to work with. The only way to get it is buy bulk and sell the rest.

Then I get to experiment without worrying how expensive my mistakes are.

So far the most enthusiastic customers have been warriors making armor. So my leather has mostly been thick untreated veg tan. There has recently been interest from shoemakers, so soon I will have some thinner choices suitable for turnshoes.

Is there any other type of leather you want?

Let me know and I can probably get it.

If enough of you want cheap leather I can stay in business and keep you supplied.

Photo by Baptiste Azais on Unsplash

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