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On December 3, 1996, a deadly explosion rocked a Paris subway train as it was pulling into the Port Royal station. The blast was caused by a bomb that had been planted on the train, presumably by Algerian extremists who were waging a violent campaign against the French government. The explosion killed four people, including two French nationals, a Moroccan immigrant, and a Canadian tourist, and wounded 86 others. Among the injured were a U.S. citizen who suffered minor injuries and a Canadian who was seriously hurt. The attack was one of the worst terrorist incidents in France in recent years and sparked a massive manhunt for the perpetrators. However, no one ever claimed responsibility for the bombing or was arrested in connection with it.

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The Port Royal bombing was part of a series of attacks that targeted France in 1995 and 1996, which were attributed to the Armed Islamic Group (GIA), a radical Islamist organization that opposed the Algerian government and its French allies. The GIA sought to overthrow the secular regime in Algeria and establish an Islamic state based on sharia law. The group was responsible for numerous atrocities in Algeria, including massacres of civilians, assassinations of journalists and intellectuals, and bombings of public places. The group also extended its operations to France, which had a large Algerian diaspora and a history of colonial involvement in Algeria. The GIA aimed to pressure France to stop supporting the Algerian government and to withdraw its troops from the region.

The first major attack by the GIA in France occurred on July 25, 1995, when a bomb exploded at the Saint-Michel station of the Paris metro, killing eight people and injuring more than 100. The attack was followed by several other bombings and attempted bombings in Paris and Lyon, which killed three more people and injured dozens. The French authorities launched a massive crackdown on suspected GIA members and sympathizers, arresting hundreds of people and deporting some of them to Algeria. The French government also increased its security measures at public places, especially transportation hubs, and cooperated with other countries to track down the GIA leaders and financiers. The wave of attacks subsided by the end of 1995, but resumed in 1996 with the Port Royal bombing and two other incidents that killed one person and injured four.

The Port Royal bombing shocked and outraged the French public, who demanded justice for the victims and security for themselves. The attack also drew international condemnation and sympathy from other countries, especially Canada, which had lost two of its citizens in the blast. The Canadian Prime Minister at the time, Jean ChrÃtien, expressed his solidarity with France and vowed to fight against terrorism. The U.S. President at the time, Bill Clinton, also offered his condolences and support to France and praised its efforts to combat terrorism. The Port Royal bombing highlighted the global threat posed by extremist groups like the GIA and the need for international cooperation to prevent and respond to such attacks. e0e6b7cb5c


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