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RCS Is Here To Stay And Doing Well

Google Chat or RCS also works with Dual SIM devices but there are a few tweaks that need to be made before this can work well. See, RCS can only be enabled on one SIM card in your dual SIM device. This means that you cannot have RCS enabled on both SIM Cards.

RCS is here to stay and doing well

As you progress through your studies it is important to stay inspired and engaged. There are a number of great opportunities to enrich your learning and explore your interests through careers workshops, training courses and events.

These decisions have been made with guidance from the College Re-Opening Committee and approved through the Cabinet. Please be well, stay safe, and we will keep you informed, as the situation develops.

The Medical Advisory Group at Rowan College of South Jersey made this difficult decision after following updates from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), as well as from county, state and federal resources. On Saturday, March 21, New Jersey Governor Murphy signed Executive Order No. 107 instructing all residents to stay at home until further notice. RCSJ is following the order and at the end of business Wednesday, March 18, all RCSJ locations have closed until further notice. Both campuses have been cleaned and are locked down. Only restricted, essential personnel will be permitted on campus.

If you have multiple devices to harden, here is an example of how to automate the process ina scriptable way. Note that we might change those commands, or names and locations of those settings. Therefore, make sure to be careful to check for example the exit code of such script, as well as visually confirm that all works as expected:

Control exposure to RCS dust to stay safe. There is a legal duty for employers to prevent, or adequately control, worker exposure to RCS dust. We have advice for those working in brickwork manufacturing, stonework and foundries to help you understand the risks of working with silica. Your employer has a legal duty to protect your health. 350c69d7ab


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