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Ericsson Mini Link Craft 2.2 Download !FULL!

Procedure to Upgrade Ericsson Mini-Link TN ETSI NPU2 softwareToallow use of mini USB cable and Craft terminal with a Vista buildlaptop, the NPU software must be upgraded to at least R3. Earlierrelease software requires the use of Internet Explorer and anEthernet connection. The software should be upgraded at both endsof the link to maintain functionality. Requirements prior tostarting procedure Minimum Craft Terminal 2.2 installed Mini USBcable Ethernet Cable Bulletproof FTP Server installed. Full filestructure as stored on Field NMS drive

ericsson mini link craft 2.2 download

The full file structure tn_ftp_home must be stored on your C:drive to provide you with all levels of baseline software tocomplete the upgrade. Ie when correctly installed, confirm thefollowing in folder CXP9010021_1:C:tn_ftp_home/tn_system_release/ml_tn_software/CXP9010021/CXP9010021_R7F11(12.4.5 )C:tn_ftp_home/tn_system_release/ml_tn_software/CXP9010021/CXP9010021_R11H08 (3.3.7)C:tn_ftp_home/tn_system_release/ml_tn_software/CXP9010021/CXP9010021_R17B14(4.3) Upgrade Procedure 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) Clear InternetExplorer Cache, ie remove offline files, content etc. Note the IPaddress of the local Minilink NPU. Set laptop IP address to +2 ofNPU IP address and use subnet mask Log onto NPU2using Ethernet cable and IE web browser: control_user / ericssonBring BPFTP on line and back up config file to laptop. Ensure localserver is ticked. Proceed to upgrade baseline, browse to R7F11 andfollow prompts. Once upgrade has completed, repeat steps to upgradeto at least 3.3.7. Close browser, remove Ethernet cable and restorelaptop to DHCP.

Launch Craft Terminal and logon using IP address withmini USB cable. If desired, repeat procedure to upgrade to 4.3.Then the far end of the link MUST be upgraded using the sameproceedure Notes: The first end may have an HCC alarm (trafficstill up) after the first upgrade - this clears once the far end isupgraded to the same level. At 3.3.7 the missing licence alarm, mayneed to be inhibited using IE rather than MiniLink Craft 2.5 as theoption may be greyed out. 350c69d7ab


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