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FabFilter Saturn Expansion Pack

Nexus is a sample player with a synthesizer function. It is popular because of its excellent programmed library with a large number of presets, especially usable in the Dance and Trance genre. The extensive library can be expanded with additional expansion packs that cover different styles from Orchestral to Hip Hop. A preset of the Nexus consists of up to four layers, each of which can use a multisample or one of eight classic waveforms as an oscillator. Various filter types are available for sound manipulation, as well as envelopes for filter and volume. Nexus also has a well-equipped arpeggiator, a trance gate and very good sounding effects. It is an excellent way to achieve perfect results in the studio very quickly. Therefore, it is not surprising that Nexus's sounds can be heard in a large number of international hit productions.

FabFilter Saturn Expansion Pack

If you want a plugin that has the capabilities of creating Psy, you need to check out What About: Psytrance for Babylon from W. A. Production. You've already been mesmerized by the simplicity of our "one-page wonder" plugin synth Babylon. Now imagine being able to choose from a library of sounds dedicated to Psytrance. Draw inspiration from this amazing expansion pack that turns Babylon in a psychedelic sound trip.

Do you make unique electronic music that can't be defined by any certain genre? We've got the ultimate expansion pack for all of you producers that demand a wider variety of sounds. Check out EDM for Babylon from W. A. Production.

Unlock the full potential of your Babylon synth and elevate your Bass House productions to new heights with our Bass House 2 for Babylon expansion pack. Download now and start creating tracks that rival the best Bass House artists in the scene! 350c69d7ab


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