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Mega Man 9 Wii Rom 99

The day that megaman comes out i probably wont be making beats for my peeps least for a while ....Big up 2 Capcom.. 1 luv Cap!! This splif right here ..I'm smoking for Ya'll..Hssssz..kuch!!

mega man 9 wii rom 99

I have a theory that maybe megaman 9 will be released septemer 17th in japan and 19th in europe and in 22nd in USA. this is if nintendo want a head start for the rumored release 24 on xbox live arcade. and on one site they could not release the review before 22nd of september so its possible.

Online 'time attack' record board for each level.Checklist for completing certain achievements (ie: finish game, beat a level with only mega buster, get through level without being damaged, beat the game with out dying, etc...around 50+ achievements).

i was reading comments i read one that said they didnt know what sprite flicker was and it was probally answered all ready but i dont feel like reading all these comments, what it is when you have 2 sprites overlapping ( such as the spinning pipe thingy in tornadomans stage ) were the sprite flashis between the two sprites. i think it was put in to truly capture the 8 bit graphics games like megaman was known for.

I gotta say, every level in megaman 9 was not any hard, except for wilys castle. This level is reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealy hard.... I dislike the checkpoint-system in some areas and it is one loooong level (whith no save-spots) and on top of that: the last boss is ......a monster :S I love this game... but it might be the hardest megaman game I have ever played. I think Ninja Gaiden is easier X) Oh well... Its not broken hard. Just hard.......and even though i complain, I would not have it any other way...... (well.... maybe a better checkpoint-system or similar (A) ) 076b4e4f54


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