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Imaginary Friends By Terry Brooks

The Secret of CourageThe current production at The Coterie Theatre, in co-production with UMKC Theatre, is a fantasy adventure that inspires courage in the midst of difficulty. This heroic play written by Laurie Brooks is adapted from a short story "Imaginary Friends", written by her brother, author Terry Brooks. Deftly directed by Graham Whitehead, this story weaves images of present, past, and future through the imaginative use of live acting, visual projections, and larger than life characters. Young Jack McCall (played by Jay Love) has been having headaches and learns some very unsettling news about his health. His sidekick best friend Waddy (played by Roan Ricker) doesn't see the news so concerning since he's heard of lots of people who have recovered and been just fine. However, Jack can't shake his fears and is drawn into a mysterious place that blends fantasy and reality. As Jack's adventure unfolds he is reminded of imaginary friends from his childhood, an owl, an elf, a troll, and some ghostly apparitions. His fantasy world is wrought with fearsome things that his "friends" encourage him to battle. Just like the fears he has in reality, Jack learns that confronting what is frightening is the first step in winning the battle.

imaginary friends by terry brooks



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