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ParetoLogic Data Recovery Pro 1.1. Setup Free

ParetoLogic Data Recovery is a software application developed by ParetoLogic Corporation. This company is one of the largest software companies in North America and their data recovery products are sold around the world. A scheduled job is integrated into Windows Task Manager to automatically start the application at various set times (the program varies according to the version). The main feature behind ParetoLogic Data Recovery software is to recover data from deleted or lost partitions.

ParetoLogic Data Recovery Pro 1.1. setup free

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After you have either done the operation or removed the ParetoLogic Data Recovery software from your computer, the next step is to select the Target Partition to recover data. In most cases, this will be the primary partition of the hard drive (usually C: on windows xp), but in some cases, such as with the Windows Vista system, the system will choose to identify the System Restore point and then repair the selected partition. In order to successfully complete the recovery, you should save the file that contains all restored data onto a separate USB flash drive. The last step is then to plug the USB flash drive into the ParetoLogic Data Recovery device, perform a scan and then install the program again (you will need to restart your computer for this).

Power Data Recovery is a risk-free and read only data recovery utility that helps you recover your data after accidental deletion, accidental format, repartition, virus attack, software malfunction, system crash.

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