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Download Sound From Youtube Mac !!HOT!!

YouTube is a go-to application for almost all kinds of videos and audio, from Vlogs, music, how-to videos, and more. Sometimes you're more interested in a video's audio instead of the motion pictures. That's when you need to learn how to download audio from YouTube.

Download Sound From Youtube Mac

If you use an Apple device, this guide will help learn how to download audio from YouTube, Mac and Windows. It also highlights the Parallels Toolbox and why it's an excellent choice when you need to download an audio file from YouTube.

There are many ways you can download audio on YouTube Mac. On the other hand, Windows users can also leverage online tools to download their favorite YouTube audio. Below, we've provided instructions on how to download audio from YouTube on Windows and Mac.

Computer users wishing to learn how to download audio from YouTube on Mac for free must first have the iTube HD Video Downloader. You can download it from the iSkysoft website. Once the download is complete, launch it to start downloading YouTube audio. Here are the steps to follow when extracting the audio from YouTube:

Cisdem Video Converter is a robust yet simple to extract audio from YouTube, SoundCloud, Mixcloud, Myspace, Bandcamp, Tumblr, and other numerous sites. It will download audio from YouTube without reducing the audio quality.

youtube-dl is an advanced download manager for video, audio, and playlist from YouTube, Naver, and a few more sites. You can input the command (i.e. --audio-quality 160K) to specify the output audio quality. is a simple online converter that designs to download YouTube videos into MP3 or MP4 format. Although it supports limited format, it is easy for everyone to use through a browser, and it does a good job in downloading audio from YouTube for free.

As a word of warning, a spokesperson for Google had this to say: "Our Terms of Service(Opens in a new window) prohibit the downloading or copying of videos on YouTube without explicit consent from the copyright holder. Once notified of an infringing tool or service that allows the downloading of a YouTube video without permission from the content owner, we take appropriate action."

It won't be wrong to say that YouTube is the king of entertainment on the internet. YouTube hosts over 2 million multimedia files daily, including songs, audiobooks, podcasts, etc. Sometimes, you're more interested in the video's audio than moving images. Suppose you don't invest $11.99 per month for the subscription plan and don't have the option to save these audio tracks for offline enjoyment. In that case, this is when you should know how to download audio from YouTube video mac. If you're a Mac user, this tutorial will teach you how to download audio from YouTube mac. It will also discuss different methods to download audio from YouTube mac online and the downloader solutions.

The best tool to download YouTube music on Mac is by using AceThinker Music Keeper. This tool is designed and innovated to get any music files on the internet downloaded to your computer. If you are a music lover or enthusiast, you will adore this tool. Its advanced technology can rip and get music files from over 1000 online music streaming services. In addition, you can download music files much faster with its multi-threading technology. All you must do is set up an account and get a free trial for its music-downloading services. Check its features below to analyze this tool further.

The first guide to getting YouTube songs on your Mac device is downloading the AceThinker Music Keeper on your computer. Tap the download icon presented before this step. Then, run the file from your download folder to install the app thoroughly.

YouTube-DL is an advanced download manager and YouTube music downloader mac that allows you to download audio and video from YouTube, Naver, and other sites. This method is only suitable for users who have mastered basic code technology.

The methods mentioned above to download YouTube audio and the Mac audio converter have some limitations. Some are pretty complicated for users, whereas others are not safe. But don't worry; we will now reveal the best way to download YouTube audio on Mac. AceThinker MP3Juice Downloader is a great site to download MP3 songs for free. To download the MP3 songs for free, you don't need to register or sign up. This online music downloading tool is compatible with all major web browsers, including Chrome, Firefox Safari, Opera, Opera, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. You can easily download MP3s from any website in just a few clicks and then enjoy them offline.

We've already explained how to download YouTube audio on Mac. In our opinion, you should use AceThinker MP3Juice Downloader for this purpose. This dedicated program allows you to extract multiple YouTube audio files simultaneously without losing quality. On the other hand, if you are an iPhone user and want to save tracks from Youtube, you may read here.

Summary: follow this guide to download audio from YouTube on Mac or rip audio from YouTube on macOS via VLC, MacX Video Converter Pro at fast speed, without youtube-dl download slow or bandwidth throttle by YouTube issue.

To free extract audio from YouTube on Mac, you could rely on YouTube-dl, 4K Video Downloader or add-on easy youtube downloader express in the past days. However, they won't smoothly work for you any more. Since YouTube throttles your bandwidth, YouTube-dl, 4K video downloader and easy youtube downloader express would become badly slow in ytb video downloading and audio ripping procedure. And this problem is still unsolved. If you want faster speed, try MacX Video Converter Pro - free downloading and ripping audio from YouTube without bandwidth throttling issue.

MacX Video Converter Pro, an all-in-one YouTube audio downloader and converter, is able to directly download YouTube audio with original quality for offline playback on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, iTunes, PS5/4, Xbox, etc. You are also allowed to rip audio from YouTube (in MP3, WAV, M4A, FLAC, OGG, AC3, AAC, iPhone ringtone, WMA...) at 320kbps or 160kbps high quality. It also works for downloading and saving video, audio from Vevo, Vimeo, Dailymotion, Facebook, Instagram, Metacafe, grooveshark, musicvault, musicplayon, soundcloud, soundgasm, etc. 1000+ sites, NO bandwidth throttling issue!

Get and run MacX on your Mac (macOS Monterey, Big Sur also supported). Click the Downloader button to open the downloader interface. Go to the YouTube video you'd like to rip the audio from. Copy the URL, and click the blue Paste & Analyze button to analyze the video info.

A window will show up with all the available video and audio format and file size displayed after the analysis completes. Select the sound format you want, like YouTube MP3 320kbps/160kbps, YouTube WAV, YouTube M4A, YouTube FLAC, YouTube OGG, etc. then click the Done button to save the settings. Wait for the downloading.

Free media player VLC can also work as a solid YouTube audio downloader for Mac. VLC can only download audio from YouTube on Mac with free license, audio with copyright can not be handled by VLC Media Player. One of the major downsides of using VLC YouTube audio downloader on Mac is that the procedure is comparatively complicated. If you don't mind that, continue reading. Note that you might fail to complete the following steps and the VLC player ends up with a black window with VLC icon only. Some downloaded files have onlly a couple of bytes, meaning the method failed.

If you haven't yet downloaded the YouTube video, no biggie, you can also use this versatile program to download the video from YouTube. Just copy and paste the YouTube video URL to the address bar it pops up and then click "Download Now" to begin YouTube video downloading job.

Some posts online also suggest you to record YouTube audio on Mac using QuickTime. To be honest, you don't have to. Generally, the non-downloadable YouTube audio is copyright protected or just for private. So please don't do anything to infringe online media copyright. Plus, on account of the copyright protection, QuickTime player actually is powerless to capture audio from YouTube video. Therefore, think twice before you wanna try QT for YTB audio recording.

Online tools are good ways to download audio from YouTube on Mac via a web browser without any software installation. There are lots of online YouTube audio downloader for Mac converter services, among of which, yt5s, and are highly rated. How to online convert YouTube videos to audio files in MP3, FLAC, WAV, M4A, OGG, etc. without software? Easy peasy. Here's how to do it.

Note: if you wanna MP3, just add "5s" after the youtube address (shown below). Hit Enter key and it will automatically re-direct you to the mp3 downloader This is the most effecient yet convenient way to download ytb MP3.

Slightly inferior to, this online youtube to audio ripper service only enables you to download YouTube to MP3 or MP4 two formats. What's more, it puts limits on YouTube video length, no more than 90 minutes. There is no big difference in other aspects. And the operating steps are much of a muchness. The same 3 steps are required. So it's needless to repeat that. You can insert "ccc" after the word "youtube"or "youtu" in the YouTube video link to download YouTube audio file on Mac faster.

Unlike the disturbing ads floating everywhere, this free online YouTube video MP3 converter helps you to clear the irritating ads during YouTube watch. That's a unique shining point. Besides, it gives you possibility to free download YouTube to MP3 audio, as well as free download online videos audio from more sites, including Facebook, Instagram, Vimeo, Twitter. S


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