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Nice Ice Hockey Goalie USA Flag Shirt

The snapshot of Craig deposited in our memory bank is of a scruffy college kid wrapped in the American flag. So how did this middle-aged guy in a blue shirt with an Allstate insurance logo stitched over his heart get to be age 52?

Nice Ice Hockey Goalie USA Flag shirt


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It's not a coincidence that the Bruins renaissance dovetailed with that of their goalie, Tim Thomas. The Bruins stingy netminder hasn't allowed more than two goals in his last seven starts and has a .941 save percentage during that time. Which happened first, better defensive play in their own end or stouter play in their own net? Either way this is the type of hockey the Bruins are going to need to defend their Stanley Cup crown against a much tougher field than last year.

Uniforms aside, this is not the same Bruins team that needed a hockey Heimlich maneuver against the Flyers last spring. Eight players from that team are no longer with the Bruins. A ninth, Marc Savard, hasn't suited up since Jan. 22. A tenth, goalie Tuukka Rask, has not played a single solitary minute this postseason. Some of the ingredients are the same, but the composition is not. 076b4e4f54


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