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Vengaiyin Maindhan: A Historical Novel by Akilan

Vengaiyin Maindhan: A Historical Novel by Akilan

Vengaiyin Maindhan is a historical novel by Akilan, a renowned Tamil writer who won the Sahitya Akademi Award for his novel Chitra Pavai. The novel is set in the time of Rajendra Chola, one of the greatest emperors of India who expanded his empire to Southeast Asia and Sri Lanka. The novel tells the story of Thennavan ElangoVel, a brave and loyal warrior of the Velir clan who serves Rajendra Chola and falls in love with Rohini, a princess of Sri Lanka. The novel depicts the political, cultural and social aspects of the Chola period, as well as the heroism, romance and adventure of the main characters.

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The novel is divided into three parts: The first part deals with the childhood and youth of ElangoVel, his friendship with Vandhiyathevan, a historical figure who was a commander in Rajendra Chola's army, and his first encounter with Rohini. The second part narrates the events leading to Rajendra Chola's invasion of Sri Lanka, where ElangoVel plays a crucial role in capturing the island and rescuing Rohini from her enemies. The third part describes the aftermath of the war, the challenges faced by ElangoVel and Rohini in their relationship, and the fate of Rajendra Chola and his empire.

Vengaiyin Maindhan is a masterpiece of Tamil literature that combines historical accuracy with literary flair. The novel is rich in details and descriptions of the Chola era, such as the architecture, art, religion, trade, administration, warfare and diplomacy. The novel also portrays the diverse cultures and peoples of South India, Sri Lanka and Southeast Asia, and their interactions and conflicts. The novel is praised for its vivid characterization, especially of ElangoVel, who is depicted as a noble, courageous and passionate hero who sacrifices everything for his love and loyalty. The novel also explores the themes of patriotism, duty, honor, justice, freedom and humanism.

If you are interested in reading Vengaiyin Maindhan, you can download the PDF version from this link: Vengaiyin Maindhan Novel Download PDF. You can also buy the printed version from this online store: Vengaiyin Maindhan by Akilan. You will not regret reading this epic novel that will take you to a different world and time.

One of the most remarkable achievements of Rajendra Chola was his overseas conquests. He was the first Indian king to launch naval expeditions that reached beyond the Indian Ocean. He sent a large fleet of ships to attack the Srivijaya kingdom, which was a powerful maritime empire that controlled the trade routes between India and China. Rajendra Chola defeated the Srivijaya king Sangrama Vijayatungavarman and captured his capital Kadaram (modern Kedah in Malaysia). He also plundered other cities and ports in Sumatra, Java, Malaya and the Malay Peninsula. He established his authority over the islands of Andaman and Nicobar, Lakshadweep and Maldives. He also received tributes and gifts from the kings of Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam.

Rajendra Chola was not only a great conqueror but also a great builder and patron of arts and culture. He founded a new city called Gangaikonda Cholapuram, which means "the city of the Chola who conquered the Ganges". He built a magnificent temple dedicated to Lord Shiva, which rivaled the Brihadisvara temple built by his father in Thanjavur. He also constructed many other temples, palaces, tanks, canals and roads in his empire. He encouraged literature, education, music and dance. He supported many poets and scholars who composed works in Tamil and Sanskrit. He also issued many inscriptions that recorded his achievements and donations.

Vengaiyin Maindhan is a novel that celebrates the glory and greatness of Rajendra Chola and his empire. It is a novel that transports the reader to a fascinating era of history, where courage, romance, adventure and culture flourished. It is a novel that showcases the pride and heritage of the Tamil people and their contribution to world civilization. e0e6b7cb5c


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