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Five Nights At Candy`s 2 __HOT__

Five Nights at Candy's 2 is centered around a 17 year old girl who loses a bet to friends and has to spend five nights in a factory that houses improved versions of the animatronics from the first game that are all broken and fractured. The girl must defend herself using security cameras and phones.

Five Nights At Candy`s 2

He is unique in that he only activates on the last few nights. Not much is known about him as he only appears in Night 5. He appears to get up and do something in the cutscene after completing Night 6. He is possessed by an actor from Rat and Cat Theater.

In FNaC 3 on Night 5's Cutscene, Mary, after telling The Rat she will play hide n' go seek with him and the other children, tries to find a place to hide, but all of the places, including the closet used by the player other previous nights, are all taken by the other children. As the Cat, who also is being played by an actor in the costume, runs out of the "Staff Only" room, leaving the door open and unlocked, Mary decides to hide in the Closet within that room. Soon after, The Rat says he saw her run in, and The Puppeteer appears, then starts chewing the actor in The Rat's costume/suit out for being drunk during work hours.

RAT reactivates in 2007, after young Marylin Schmidt breaks into the factory and stays there for six nights. RAT is only active on Night 6 along with the CAT, they are the only animatronics active for the whole night. After Night 6, the factory burns to the ground leaving nothing but rubble, it can be assumed that RAT and all the other animatronics were destroyed in this event.

You are Marylin Schmidt a 17 years old girl in a factory. You have lost a bet and now you have to spend five nights in the old factory again.The game heavily utilizes the camera system and the mechanic of phones, which function similar to the audio cues in Five Nights at Freddy's 3. The protagonist also has a cellphone with a Camera Flash which can be used to see, if animatronics have entered the Main Hall, which is the new office. 350c69d7ab


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